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Poster: CompSurfahV2 Date: Nov 30, 2007 3:47pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Any advice? MAC vs PC

MAC people love this joke...

Biggest oxymoron in the world...
Microsoft Works

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Poster: spacedface Date: Dec 1, 2007 2:24am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Any advice? MAC vs PC

At this point a PC works for what you want to do and can be very cheap. If you're just duping and viewing then XP would be fine. There's lots of 'Open Source' thingies for this sort of thing in Windows.

But a Mac is Unix and gives you far more control as well as a far better UI than Windows. Vista is just a poor knockoff of OS X, but ladened with Big Brother's DRM schemes and inept drivers.

Mac haters are clueless, though honestly OS X is not without upgrade trouble. I have a Creative Zen not an iPod and have no problems using it with iTunes on Mac or Windows XP, so there's no reason to pretend there's a Mac cult but not a PC or Microsoft cult.

Then there's emulation which would require some extra RAM, and the possibility of building a Hackintosh using a standard PC. See and Wikipedia more on the last 2.

Perhaps the only advantage a Mac would have beyond the experience is getting the 3 year extended warranty ($) from an Apple Store. Returns/replacement are far easier than say with CompUSA or others. Mac/PC friends had this happen altely and the PC has been in the shop 3 times for over 3 months total, while the Mac was replaced after 3 weeks. Warranty also makes reselling easier, since a person feels better buying from a stranger if there's still a year of warranty. But a cheap PC would still be cheaper.

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